As human beings

we rely on emotions to navigate our external environment and our internal experience. Emotions inform our wants, needs, and interests, and failing to respond to them appropriately can lead to distress and discomfort, internal conflicts, relationship concerns, difficult moods, and psychological symptoms. Therapy provides an opportunity to reflect on what is important and how to obtain more meaningful life goals.

In addition to symptom reduction and recovery, my therapeutic approach emphasizes the importance of authenticity. Authenticity guides our preferences, personality, and interests. It allows us to respond productively to our internal feeling states without allowing unrealistic expectations (set by ourselves or others) to interfere, so that we can be our best selves. Authenticity increases resilience to life stressors well after symptom reduction is obtained.

To connect with our authentic self, we must integrate our emotions, our biological influences, our social world, our various identities (personality, work, family, relational), our interests, and our lifestyle. I can assist you with this process through therapy.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Gadomski for several years at Stanford, and I find her clinical work to be of the highest quality. She shows incredible compassion, insight, and diligence in her work with clients. I would have no hesitation referring any of my own clients to her practice.”

- Inge Hansen
Psychologist and Program Manager for Weiland Health Initiative at Stanford University

Theoretical Orientation

Every therapist has a theoretical orientation – a specific therapeutic perspective and approach often obtained during graduate studies and enhanced over the course of their professional work. My theoretical orientation is “integrative,” which draws from several therapy models, including cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic (or insight-oriented), relational, somatic, mindfulness and humanistic approaches, to tailor treatment to each client, couple, and partner based on their presenting concerns and their therapeutic goals. For couple and multiple-partner therapy, my work is informed through the Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy.


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